Eric Fejeran for Whitman County Auditor

This campaign:

Starts With You.

Our  Campaign is Built on Honesty, Accessibility, and Election Integrity. 

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Who is Eric?

My name is Eric Fejeran and I am passionate about giving my community a voice and holding all levels of government responsible for their actions. This is why I am running for Whitman County Auditor. 

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What Does an Auditor Do?

The Whitman County Auditor's Office has many responsibilities ranging from fiscal oversight and payroll to elections and licensing. Eric Fejeran is running for Whitman County Auditor because he believes in efficient and responsible government.

As County Auditor, Eric Fejeran will strive to ensure the Auditor's Office has the resources and management it needs to be effective. His leadership experience and background in quality control will be put to work providing all of Whitman County with an accessible, responsive, and modern Auditor's Office. 

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How We Are Going to Win 

We are going to win this campaign the old fashioned way, by building personal connections with every voter in Whitman County. This campaign plans to hit every city. However, we can not do it alone and need your help!


Face to Face personal connections

People are tired of politicians coming around only during election month asking for their vote. This campaign has been out there knocking on doors asking people what issues matter to them since January! 

Utilize social media to connect with voters

In the digital age, we must realize that communication can come in a variety of ways from face to face, phone, and social media. A good campaign utilizes all of these communication pathways to get their message out! Follow us on all of our social media!



Grass Root Donations

This campaign isn't funding itself! We have partnered with ActBlue to harness the power of grassroots fundraising. Help power this campaign by signing up for a monthly donation!




"Election days come and go. But political and social revolutions that attempt to transform our society never end. They continue every day, every week and every month in the fight to create a nation of social and economic justice."

-Bernie Sanders



Get Involved Today!

We have a long way to go until the election in November. If you want this campaign to succeed, we need your help! There are numerous ways to volunteer, and if you are unable to volunteer in person, a donation to the campaign is always appreciated. See you at the ballot box in November!


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Volunteer opportunities

Canvassing, phonebanking, events, any many more! This campaign is going to be people powered!

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